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It looks like the cat gods are on your side Sydney, with your very own cat café well and truly on it’s way. Thailand, Japan, and Melbourne have already trialled and been successful in establishing their own cat cafe’s and now its time for the Harbour City to receive the four-paw service. If that news has got you feline-good, the Sydney addition ‘Catmosphere‘ will be a worlds first, being treated to a space-age theme where catstronauts and owners alike will be able to enjoy an assortment of home-made dishes, pastries and high-quality local coffee. Catmosphere is described as being ‘a tribute and a home to brave astro-cats returning to Earth with many a tale of outer space adventures in galaxies far far away.’

Although not far from landing, the project is still in it’s development stages and the team behind Catmosphere need some additional funding to get their feet off the ground. Every pledge is met with different rewards, so you can head to their Indiegogo page if you wish to support this paw-sitive cause.

Nathan Fabiano

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