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That Simpsons quote meme generator just added GIFs

Here's a new way to procrastinate during your week

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It’s a sad state of affairs when communication without words is probably the most efficient way of relaying a message or emotion but that’s not going to stop us from loving a good GIF. And when it’s a Simpsons quote GIF that you can make yourself out of practically any scene from the long-running series? Game over.

The rad people behind that already ingenious Simpsons quote meme generator, Frinkiac, are currently testing a GIF generator feature and we have a feeling it’s going to be very popular. Working in much the same way as the original static image option, all you have to do is choose to create the GIF and select the frames to include and you’ve created your very own perfect response to pretty much any question / statement / life event.

Try it for yourself (like we did below).


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