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The Game launches his own weed-infused lemonade

Giving a new meaning to green juice

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The Game obviously has a problem with soft drinks—when you’re smoking good, lifting up a soft drink bottle can be hard work. So he’s gone and fused his two favourite elements to bring you THC Lemonade.

Game has partnered with G Farms to bring a line of soft drinks and pre-rolled cones for when you’re quite deep into your G Juice and find it too hard to pack another one. The G Juice comes in lemonade, pink, and strawberry and might be the best green juice you can buy.

If you live in Washington or California, you can grab them from your local dispensary. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet if our major supermarket chains are going to be stocking the G Juice but one can only hope.

  • Words: Eli Marsland

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