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Happy birthday to arguably the greatest piece of consumer eletronics of the 21st century (so far), the iPhone was officially released to the public five years ago today. I’ve owned one for around three and a bit years now and I couldn’t even fathom life without it, and I’m sure many of you reading feels the same way. No Angry Birds? No Instagram? Needing to carry a phone and an iPod? No hot girls with iPhones tumblrs? That’s crazy talk! Apple’s iPhone revolutionised the way we interacted with the world with the iPhone, all bundled into a sleek and suave bundle of chrome and black complete with the innovative touch screen that made everything oh-so easy. Not to mention it created a brand new sector for consumer software, Apps. In March this year, Apple celebrated 25 billion downloads through their App Store, no small feat considering that no-one was downloading applications specifically for their phone less than half a decade ago.

The iPhone made Apple’s pockets fat too, very very fat. In a press release issued earlier today, Strategy Analytics estimated that “Apple has generated US$150 billion of cumulative revenues for its iPhone family in the first five years since launch in June 2007.  A quarter of a billion iPhones have been shipped cumulatively worldwide.”

I did a quick YouTube search and found the now-famous keynote presentation Steve Jobs held to unveil iPhone, check it out below…

Happy birthday to you iPhone, may you never leave my side.