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The Simpsons have never looked this decked out. Graphic designer Olga Wójcik has reimagined our favourite family as 2016 folk. How exactly? You know, by showering them in anything Yeezy, HUF or Supreme. Whether it be Joey Badass’ Simpsons character or Bart playing Pokemon Go, Wójcik bridges the gap between then and now. On a side note, the older versions of Bart and Milhouse seem shockingly plausible. We’re just happy that they’re still mates.

These new images feature Bart in adidas Originals and Anti Social Social Club attire. Even Lisa’s craving the Yeezys. Are you swimming in capitalist nostalgia yet? Just take our money, already. Check out Olga’s illustrations in the gallery above. Head on over to her Instagram here for more reimagined Simpsons pieces. Brb, just putting on our Yeezys and watching season seven of The Simpsons.

  • Illustrations: Olga Wójcik

Weekly updates