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The Vine Intervention 01

When it comes to Vine (or in its gerund form, Vining), we’re all still finding ourselves. There are people creating great moments and others creating ones we wish we didn’t wait 30 seconds or three minutes to load – because, yeah, that happens. Vine still has its kinks and shortcomings, too. Because, like its users, the young social media app is still figuring itself out.

This week, we sifted through producers who posted cute videos of their kids, creatives showing off their cats and tons of pointless Mac Miller posts to find the best of the best Vine posts as seen below.

Because watching people execute half-court shots is one of the reasons the Internet was created, Ta-ku tops the list for doing so while holding his phone.

Steve Aoki’s Vine feed is pretty legit. Apparently, he’s training to become a gymnast, so jumping on tables at Google is just another day in the life.

Feeling JT’s new single Mirrors? Now you are. Thank you, Andy Milonakis.

Damn you, Andy Milonakis. You’ve mastered yet another social media platform.

The Ice King goes Twerk Team, courtesy Kid Fury.

Since Riff Raff is basically insane, he owns the Vine homepage. Watch as he channels Jim Carrey.

This is over a week old, but it’s still hilarious. Chance The Rapper takes Wolverine to the pimp game.

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