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Weekly updates

The Vine Intervention 03

Vine is really starting to blow up. With major media outlets like Atlantic Monthly writing about how RiFF RaFF is the king of the blossoming social media platform and mad other online outlets biting our weekly coverage (shade), it’s no wonder so many new users are popping up every week. Welcome to The Vine Intervention.

How to dance to I Believe I Can Fly. (Ricky Medina)

This Joe Santiago character got up close and personal with Kanye at his album listening earlier this week.

Brittany Furlan knows what to do with her buns.

Tyler and the Odd Future guys remix Nas’ I Can.

When you know your relationship has issues. (King Bach)

Comedian Kevin Hart just got a Vine account.

Because Vine is nothing without pets, this is what cats dream about. (Matthew Espinosa)

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