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The Vine Intervention

We’re currently amidst a Facebook x Twitter gang war, and we’re all the ones holding the blades. Twitter recently bought Vine for $30 million, and we all know Facebook bought Instagram for a billion last year. But now that Vine is finally catching on, Instagram pulled a bum move and added a video feature in an attempt to become a direct competitor or just capitalise on the new video-sharing craze. Now everyone’s speculating on whether or not Vine will eventually be phased out by Instagram’s new metaphorical boob job.

Although it would be easier to add videos to your already-popping Instagram account instead of building a new following on Vine, it might be worth your while to keep Vining. Videos are just going to clog up people’s Instagram feeds, and they’ll get over it. Plus, the only thing Instagram video has over Vine is the nine additional seconds to record (15 seconds total) and the ability to add filters. Embedding your video is still only possible on Vine, making it the more relevant video platform right now, in our opinion.

This is a good Vine portrayal of what’s going on between Vine and Instagram right now. (Marcus Johns)

So there’s this new game called Techno Waffle Frisbee, and it looks pretty fun. Can’t wait to try it out. (Michael LoPriore)

Earl Sweatshirt drops by Mac Miller‘s place to console him when he realizes his album is flopping not in stores.

Eric Dunn takes Barney to the trap.

You probably shouldn’t exploit bums on the street for a few precious lousy Vine likes, but it’s pretty funny when it happens. (Ry Doon)

We’re taking this one to the club. Wednesday Addams gets silly courtesy Jerry Purpdrank.

J. Cole just dropped his sophomore album Born Sinner, so he’s just gonna chill in various positions. (MTV)

We love Keelayjams‘ Vines. This one is pretty impressive.

This goldfish has flava. *rethinks what I just wrote* (Cam Urevick)

It’s Friday, so Rebecca Black is relevant, right? Here she is updating us on her life.

Eric Dunn wants you to say cool and stay on Vine. We do too!

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