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Guess what. Chicken butt. No, really. Guess what. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be verified on Vine. All you have to do is be ‘Vine famous’. What constitutes Vine fame? I legitimately don’t know. But I’m guessing it means you make cool Vines, and a lot of people follow you. Maybe one of your Vines was featured on Ellen. Perhaps RiFF RAFF follows you. I dunno. But this edition of The Vine Intervention is dedicated to Vine-famous people and… rappers, of course.

Nicholas Megalis is a lyrical genius.

Maisie Williams is not yet verified on Vine. But she will be once this toothbrush scandal video makes its rounds on daytime talkshows.

Trey Kennedy teaches us some vital information: how to Kat Daddy and clean the house at the same damn time.

Tyler, the Creator twerks for a random European street performer.

But this is how you really twerk. (Flosstradamus)

Odd Future’s Jasper and Tyler remix Rihanna’s We Found Love in the trillest way.

Mac Miller‘s homies get really serious all of a sudden.

Vine-famous Chris Delia shows us what it’s like when Drake looks at things.

He also gives us Italian realness in the streets of New York.

Getting white-haired people to participate in your bullshit is one of the funniest things you can Vine. Cannoli!! (Andy Milonakis)

I usually try to disassociate Al Roker and nudity. But this is pretty good. (Will Sasso)

Hotsugar in the lab working on them Zelda beats #CHEA (Tiny Danzig [Kitty])

Schoolboy Q just created the pinnacle of GIF-form Chris Bosh gay jokes.

This man’s hair has reached Beyonce-levels of luxuriousness. (College Humor)

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