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Weekly updates

It’s not just famous people who are owning the Vine scene. It’s the normal people with over-the-top personalities or some kind of artistic perspective they can channel through an iPhone whose Vinage we prefer. This is The Vine Intervention.

This is how you score drugs. (Ben Kronberg)

This is how you talk to the ladies. (Action Bronson)

Wait, this is how you get chicks. This French guy Jerome Jarre is some kind of crazy happy person currently tearing through NYC. He’ll do anything to anyone on the street to Vine it… in a nice way.

See? Insane.

Is Kitty [Pryde] throwing some Lil Debbie shade or does she just love Squirt as much as we do?

This hot chick creative KESH let us into her lair.

It’s just another Thursday for RiFF RaFF.

“You are not the father!” (King Bach)

Bandz a make Stephanie Tanner dance. This is actually a Youtube video. (Robert Live)

2 Chainz vs. Tupac.

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