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No, this is not a pitch for some B-grade horror movie script, this is actually real life, which kind of makes it 100 times scarier. A deserted cruise ship, the 91-meter Lyubov Orlova, which was set adrift off the Canadian coast last year, is now feared to be home to legions of cannibal rats. What’s worse is storms have now veered the ghost ship on a one-way course towards UK shores.

Okay, so maybe it does sound like a B-grade horror movie script. Marine experts and coastguards in the UK are genuinely concerned, however, with Irish coast guard chief Chris Reynolds telling The Sun, “There have been huge storms in recent months, but it takes a lot to sink a vessel as big as that. We must stay vigilant.”

As always, there is an added twist, on top of the zombie rodents, there are also salvage hunters after the boat, which is worth approximately $1 million. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Somebody call the cast of The Expendables.