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Japan is the place where anything is possible, where dreams can become reality and for every Pokémon fanatic, they’ve created your very own Pokémon Mecca. Pokémon Expo Gym is opening in Osaka this November. And before you go and put your sweatbands on, the gym is for training Pokémon… not people.

The gym offers a whole lot of things to buy but also has crazy Pokémon-related exhibits where you can interact with some of your favourite characters. There’s Charzard’s Battle Colosseum, Zoroark’s Dojo, Gardevoir’s Control Score, Pokémon Battle Bowling, and more.

If you’re travelling to Japan, get to this gym as it’s relatively cheap, the interactive areas will cost you between US$3.34 ($4.63) and US$5 ($6.95) which last between three and fifteen minutes, depending on the exhibit.

Images via Mirin Furukawa


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