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We’ve all been missing Amanda since she was sectioned following months of link-bait activity, including telling Drake to murder her vagina and throwing a beug off her apartment balcony – but everyone’s favourite Myspace ratchet circa mid 2000s Tila Tequila is here to fill the void that Amanda’s departure left in our hearts.

Tila (who is now referring to herself as ‘Hitila’, a very creative mixture of “Hitler” and “Tila”) posted a very poorly photoshopped picture to Facebook on Monday, clad in a red swastika armband and a SS uniform cap, standing in front of Auschwitz.

Tila’s website and blog, entitled anonymoustruthblog.com, where Myspace selfies, chatrooms and deluded as fuck rants happily sit next to each other – is filled with recent posts in which she says her heart is broken about how Hitler has been treated in the media, plus my personal favourite, her story in three minutes about how she battled reptilian agents last year.

“I literally battled real agents just like this in the 3D realm, but I also battled 3 reptilians or beasts in 4D realm last year in December!!  I killed all of them and then I flew back up into my council.  It was so strange because at that time I had no idea what was happening to me.  All I knew was that it was all real.”

From her Hitler sympathy article:

“It is known that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” – well do you want to be free or not?  Then when will you finally accept the truth and let go of all the lies you have been force fed by the NWO ENEMIES????  Smh…..”

Full points for the very trendy use of Twitter-speak “Smh”. Question now: is this a desperate attempt at the last 90 seconds from a girl who is well aware her 15 minutes is almost up, or a schizophrenic tragedy who obviously needs help?

Check out her blog.

Gracey Ophelia