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It seems humans have run out of skin to ink. Teeth all over the world are now being decorated with all the usual stupid things people like to permanently place on their body, including Homer Simpson, Asian typography and the initials of their current eternal loved one.

Dentist Steven Landman of Ellington Dental Associates swears by their popularity. He says he has been inking pearly whites for nearly a decade now and even has his own one featuring a drawing of his three children. (A bit creepy, no?)

Sadly the tattoos can’t be directly placed on your healthy teeth. They have to be permanently imprinted onto a crown before ever making their way into your mouth. This does have the added bonus of easy removals if you ever tire of people asking you why you have a cartoon puppy stuck in between your teeth.

If you’re already getting a crown, then a personalised tooth tat will only set you back between $75 and $200. And the more you smile about your new tatted teeth the more people will see them.


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