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Top 5: Man Made Mountain’s favourite things about Brazil

Take a trip to South America with the Melbourne hip-hop duo

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Man Made Mountain are a Melbourne-based collaboration with producer Billy Hoyle and vocalist Cazeaux  O.S.L.O. The pair bonded over their shared love of Brazilian music and culture, which is what strongly influences their particularly infectious brand of hip-hop. To get a better feel for their connection to the South American country, the duo jotted down their five favourite aspects of the culture. And having just released their Congo EP digitally, you can now experience all these influences sonically.

And if you want to catch a hit of that Brazilian vibe IRL, make dinner plans for Ferdydurke tonight, as they duo are helping to celebrate the launch of the venues brand new dinner menu. The event, Let’s Be Frank, also features Baro on performance duties, as well as a ton of delicious tastings from their Polish-American menu, and (of course) heaps of vodka. And if you’re lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow, it’s probably worth popping down to Tattersall’s Lane for this Sunday night turn-up.


Check out the event details here and get prepped with MMM’s Top 5 below.


01. The music

The sounds of Brasil that we have dug on during our brief time on this earth are the foundation of our creative partnership. From the high jazz of Hermeto Pascoal to the soulful interpretations of Tim Maia and all the unifying, timeless creatives in between, this shit is a force. A joyful-heavy-beautiful life force waiting to be discovered. Dig it.

02. Lapa

Friday night street party in Lapa, Rio De Janeiro, every Friday of the year. It’s a beehive of energy. Tons of people but without chaos. You buy caipirinhas from street vendors, you make friends, you explore, you hear music. You inevitably enjoy yourself.

03. Porto Da Barra

Every afternoon as the sun sets at Porto Da Barra in Salvador, the locals applaud it in recognition of the warmth it has provided throughout the day, thanking it for the job it’s done and will return to do tomorrow. This act of the Brazilian locals represents a simple acknowledgement of an everyday miracle, enriching people with gratitude for things often taken for granted.

04. Cachaça

After spending a few weeks dipping up and down the coastline of the country, we found that many things changed culturally, but the drank was always the same. Cachaça is the taste of the sun, abundant as water. Sink in under the wave of vibrations and let that sweet spirit guide you.

05. Festivities

[Cazeaux O.S.L.O] Once I camped out in front of a McDonald’s in Rio to watch a samba band jam out for hours while people ate chips and drank rum, laughing and dancing. It was just another day to them but for me that festive atmosphere was surreal. In America we save all that energy for Christmas and the Super Bowl. The people’s willingness to give and to live was the ‘oh shit’ moment for me. It just made me want to be the vibe no matter the day, no matter the time.