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Donald Trump, the sentient hairpiece that is quite upsettingly leading current polls for the Republican nomination for president, is not a man known to hold his tongue. While imagining his reign as president evokes images of a dystopian wasteland future, not far off what happens in Back To The Future when Biff Tannen takes over the city, his campaign has been entertaining at the very least.

Firing shots in all directions since announcing his plan for world domination, he has insulted political opponents, former prisoners-of-war, celebrities and even entire ethnicities—that’s why it makes so much sense that several publications have developed their own insult generators inspired by the man.

Pop your name, or someone else’s in to either Time Magazine or Mother Jones’s Donald Trump Insult Generators, and it’ll be like you’re being called a “dummy”, “clown” or a “stiff”, by the right-wing blob himself; the only element missing is actually seeing the little bits of spittle collect at either side of his mouth as he berates you.

Sourced from the actual dementia-riddled tweets that The Donald has sent out, and proving that you apparently don’t even have to demonstrate a vague semblance of professionalism to potentially run the USA, these generators are able to replicate the cringeworthy lameness of Trump Daddy’s insults to a high degree of certainty. That said, it’s very promising that the most powerful country in the world could soon be run by someone who can be effectively summarised by a bit of light Javascript coding. Have a go at Trumping yourself at Time’s version here, and Mother Jones’ here.

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