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In cat news, Uber will deliver a kitten to your home or workplace for you to play with for today only! Oh my god I’m so excited, Icanhascat!?

If you are in Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth or Sydney, you can can order your 15 minutes of kitten snuggle time from 12pm to 4pm today. All you need to do is download the Uber app and choose the kittens option. You will then be asked a few questions regarding cat safety, as you will be required to have a separate room available for your new friend.

The service does require a $40 donation which will be sent to the animal shelters involved, but hey, its not everyday you can get a kitten delivered to the office. According to Uber adoption kits will be also available, just in case you fall too far in love with your new furry little buddy.


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