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Did you ever get slightly too much enjoyment out of Grand Theft Auto’s long-running taxi side missions? We’ve got good news. As a ploy to tempt more drivers to its service, the controversial-but-awesome Uber have released an iOS game called UberDRIVE which emulates what it’s like to be a real life Uber driver.

The idea of UberDRIVE is that the player picks up passengers and drops them off at their destination. Depending on the efficiency of the route that the driver takes, they can gain points and high ratings which will lead to unlocking new cars and exploring new areas of the city. There’s also a trivia mode where the passenger can quiz the driver about certain locations that they pass.

Mike Truong, a senior product manager at Uber believes that it’s a “great way for prospective drivers to experience firsthand what it’s like to drive with Uber”. And if players are interested, the app has a direct link to sign up and start the screening process.

UberDRIVE is available for download in the USA iTunes Store and will hopefully see an Australian release date in the near future.


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