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To mark its one year anniversary in Turkey, Uber is launching UberBOAT in Istanbul, the country’s largest city.

UberBOAT is a service that takes you across the Bosphorus strait, the body of water that divides Europe and Asia, and will do it in style for a measly $25 AUD. To pull off the logistics of the operation, Uber has teamed up with Navette, a luxury transport company who will be providing Benetau Antares speed boats, like the ones in the above gallery, to haul your ass from point A to point B. Not just restricted to the Bosphorus however, you can also pop off to the Princess Islands or cruise to your airport connection for about $100 AUD. But, because the boats seat 6-8 people, that’s less than the price of a pint of craft beer each.

The scheme works much like Uber does now. When you’re at the seaside you can open your app, select the UberBoat option and–if there’s an empty beach nearby–hail a speedboat. Simple as that.

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