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Ultimate foodies Questlove and Anthony Bourdain talk cronuts and cereal

Questlove and Anthony Bourdain refuse to agree on...

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Food lovers Questlove, and Anthony Bourdain are arguably two of the coolest dudes in the food industry, so seeing the pair sit down to talk about food together is a treat for anyone who has recently gotten on the culinary bandwagon. And while the two have a lot in common, there’s one thing they refuse to agree on: why they upload photos of food on Instagram. Bourdain asked, “You’re hoping that they’re sitting there in some shit-stained underwear on their couch eating cheetos, right?” Questlove denied the statement, “I want people to be more knowledgable,” before Bourdain interjected, “You’re educating people on Instagram? I want them to feel bad.” This got me thinking and I’m not going to lie, I’m on team Bourdain with this one.

The pair of food-enthusiasts speak about how Instagram has changed what people are spending their money on (food over drugs, apparently) and how every other chef apart from Bourdain sends treats to Questlove via The Tonight Show. Bourdain also asks all the hard questions like, “Caption Crunch or Captain Crunch with crunch berries?” Watch the above video to find out Questlove’s answer.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

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