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Weekly updates

Being in New York on September 11, eleven years after the attacks on the World Trade Center was a strange one. Whilst we skated past an eerie police ridden Ground Zero unintentionally the night before, we chose to stay away from the area on the actual day of anniversary. It’s probably something best left for New Yorkers and those who were directly affected by the attack. Instead, we chose to go skate (surprise!) over the Williamsburg Bridge in to Brooklyn, which is one of the funnest things to ride across.

I didn’t take any photos on the way down, because it’s far more enjoyable to just enjoy the ride.

Officially larking.

This spot in Brooklyn is right up our alley.

Having to walk through Time Square to get to the baseball was rather excruciating, but it makes for some strange photos.

Mad urban!

Bud n Dog.

Out in Queens at Citi Field park to watch the Mets play (lose to) the Nationals.

Mr Michael Veskovich.