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Weekly updates

The subject of strip clubs and their place in society is something that come up frequently ’round the ACCLAIM office – probably not surprisingly¬†given that we’re a hotbed of relevant social discourse. Among the staff here it’s more or less a fifty/fifty split for pro and against, with a few common complaints that crop up every time. Central to the issue seems to be that the Australian strip club model seems like the infinitely seedier speed-dealing cousin of its kitschy Americana predecessor. The other major beef is the Australia’s lack of paper currency in low denominations, ‘cos lets face it – no one wants to see you make it hail with a fistful of dollar coins. Plus it’s an OHS issue, whipping those suckers at a dancer is an easy way to put an eye out.

Anyway, no matter what your opinion on strip clubs – they’re still kind of fascinating places. AllHipHop.com¬†got access Miami’s famed King Of Diamonds Club, the hangout of choice for YMCMB alumni Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Drake. The result was a rare interview with Disco Rick (Mr K.O.D himself). The video is mildly uncomfortable viewing, as the animated Rick draws parallels between his role at the club and that of a Prison Warden who has to give out spankings. Still, there’s no shortage of dancers knocking at the door hoping to be the next Blac Chyna (pictured).