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Weekly updates

The first recreational marijuana shop in Washington state, Cannabis City is about to open on Tuesday (Seattle time). But there are already worries that they’ll run out of weed by the end of the week. Due to the limited harvest by licensed growers and processors and the number of growers that still need to be screened by the Liquor Control Board, shop owners are saying that they won’t even have enough to last them the first day.

So far, the Board has only licensed 80 growers of the 2600 applicants and only 560,000 square feet of their produce has gone through the required lab testing. There’s also the problem of high prices, with one gram selling at $15–$20 because of the high level of demand and low volume of product.

In Colorado, the first State to legalise recreational marijuana, they have a different situation. Most of the retailers grow their own weed, skipping the need for the middle-man.

The lines of stoners may be faced with disappointment in a few hours time when shop owners run out of weed. Times like this call for the Weed Fairy.


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