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2 Chainz  and Dr. Dina have filmed another “most expensivest” episode for GQ‘s video series. Previously, the duo experimented with the most expensive “legal” cannabis and papers in the market. This time, they’re sampling the most innovative weed, bongs, and dabs, for the most epic hit.

No surprise here but the hit doesn’t come cheap, as the products are worth a combined total of over half a million dollars! 2 Chainz is shown some of the most expensive and creatively-designed bongs ranging from $10,000 (pipe straws) to $50,000 (created by the Banjo). Weed-enthusiast Adam Ill joins the pair and explains, ‘The reason why some of these pieces are the way they are is just like any brand like fashion or alcohol. I could get like a regular cotton t-shirt from any store for like $5 buck or I could go into like the Versace store and get a cotton shirt and spend $500.”

Check out the above video, which will probably motivate you to upgrade from any homemade paraphernalia you might still be using. I probably wouldn’t mind a customised gold-papered microphone with my name on it either, tbh.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

Weekly updates