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Artist and animator Sean Solomon has worked on some pretty sweet projects in his young career but so far, this animated episode takes the cake…or more specifically, Drake’s Cakes & Shakes. Already the lead designer on the Lucas Bros Moving Co series, Solomon got to mash-up two of our great loves – rappers and food trucks – in the episode “Lucas Burgers”.

Without giving too much away, the episode revolves around the Lucas Bros using their moving van to temporarily sling burgers and getting mixed up in street (food) politics, answering to Uncle Taco aka Mr. Wonderful himself, Action Bronson. Other cameos to look out for are a garbage-dwelling JaRule and food fans like Peanut Butter & Nelly, Bey-Entreés, among a truck-load more. Now we’ve already got a pretty impressive selection of food trucks here in Melbourne but I wouldn’t be mad if a few of these were added to our on-road roster.

Check out the full episode above and see more from Sean via his website.

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