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Budapest singer, Boggie, otherwise known as Csemer Boglárka, recently released a video for ‘Nouveau Parfum’ that’s become pretty topical. The video chronicles a three-minute astounding digital retouching of the singer’s face. (Albeit with a fictional bit of software. This isn’t ‘real’ – but it does serve to illustrate a point.) Watch her skin being lightened, blemishes being blurred, colours being edited. These things aren’t shockingly horrifying news anymore – rather these touch-ups are taken for granted when viewing anything these days.

The Photoshop debate is a prominent and recurring one. Because, you know, it’s not altogether healthy to look at unrealistic, “perfect” looking humans all day. That part is probably right, but how well-executed the simulated retouching job is is actually pretty impressive. Sure, pimples are quite obviously the first to go on the job but its pretty crazy that anyone could look at someone like Beyoncé and think, “Hmm her eyes look too close together in that photo, get on that.”

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