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You may recall a slightly disturbing video surfacing online with a bunch of animated characters resembling genitals, singing to kids about, well, we’re still not quite sure but trust it was supposed to teach children something. Now, in a new ‘educational’ video from the same Swedish group, dancing tampon puppets are used to apparently make periods less awkward for kids to talk about.

Some of the choice lyrics include “It’s a thing that happens to girls sometimes / They don’t want to talk about it / Maybe they’re a bit ashamed” and “Hip hip hooray for period!” And if that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, the tampons are dressed up in various costumes while ‘blood’ splatters the screen.

I mean, we’re all for the children but feel like this might be more confusing than it’s supposed to be. In any case, it’s good for a laugh. Check out the very home-made-looking video clip above.

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