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The final trailer for the fourth Mad Max film in thirty years (Beyond Thunderdome was released in 1985), sees Tom Hardy take over from Mel Gibson as Mad Max Rockatansky, who since last time we saw him, has been apparently wandering the Australian desert brooding over his extensive personal issues.

Max gets caught up in a war when he encounters a group of babes, who include Courtney Eaton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, escaping from the citadel of post-apocalyptic tyrant Immortan Joe.

George Miller’s latest film looks set to be one of the most epic releases of this year, though we still have Avengers: Age of UltronStar Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World all to look forward to.

Mad Max: Fury Road, will be released globally on May 15. I don’t think I can wait another month and a half!


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