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In the spirit of “(insert-demographic-out-of-touch-with-subject-here) reacts” videos, someone printed out the lyrics for Drake and Future‘s ‘Jumpman’ and filmed their grandma’s reaction. It’s a thing of beauty: a classic case of the elderly being wonderfully out of touch, failing to understand the diatribe of popular culture.

“Dopeman, dopeman, dopeman, dopeman” she reads aloud, pronouncing it dopamine. At every turn, every line, her reaction is one of both confusion and outrage. At one point she calls Drake and Future, “Sir Drake and The Future” respectively.

There is not a single moment of this video that is not absolutely amazing. With more and more seniors becoming increasingly tech-savvy (elderly women blowing up on Instagram and attending Burning Man), it’s refreshing to see someone still questioning the credibility of modern art. “Jesus Drake, I’m really ashamed of you, because I know you’re smart.” Watch the video in the gallery above.

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