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Weekly updates

Can we be real here for a second? One time some years back after a long night out in the Melbourne city myself and a couple of friends made an incredibly poor judgement choice and decided to climb a crane in the CBD to watch the sunrise. To date, it’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done, and while the views were amazing the memory of the relatively sober backwards descent still brings flashes of stabbing anxiety to me at random intervals even five years later.

So that must have absolutely nothing on what Djrft is presumably feeling at the moment after his free-climb to the top of the crane that’s on the roof of the Prima Pearl construction site 304 metres above sea level. 304 METRES ABOVE SEA LEVEL. Still, the way he handles it makes it look like he’s navigating a trip to the supermarket on a Tuesday morning. Seriously, I’m a mess just watching this but he seems to have nerves of absolute steel. Check the footage of the climb above if your not afraid of heights.