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China has had some pretty sweet ideas in its time: dumbbell-phones, chopsticks with fans to cool down your food and most recently, razing and rebuilding uninhabited cities.

In attempt to get the jump on over population, China has torn down slum lands to make cities capable of housing millions of people. Except those millions have to be rich enough to afford the lavish accommodation, and only a select few in the communist nation are flipping stacks.

Sad story I know, but skaters are revelling in its silver lining – these cities are now virtually massive skate parks. Every ledge, every rail, every once-crowded plaza is fair game to those keen enough to take the trip to the People’s Republic, like Red Bull‘s European Skate team. Check the flick of shredders like Alex Mizurov, Daniel Pannemann, and Thaynan Costa throwing down on Ordos city’s sprawling emptiness.

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