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An alternative ending of AMC’s Breaking Bad has surfaced on the internet, which supposes that the entire series was just a dream.

Ahead of the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD (and presumably Blu-Ray) box set, due for release on November 26, this alternative ending filmed by Bryan Cranston and his Malcolm in the Middle co-star Jane Kaczmarek was probably a response to the theories before Breaking Bad’s conclusion, that it may end by showing that at least part of the events in the series had been a dream.

The amusing ending, which was leaked and put up on YouTube, was taken down just as quickly by the mirthless Sony Pictures suits, but we’ve managed to find another source. In it, Malcolm‘s zany Hal (essentially the anti–Walter White) wakes up and tells Lois about his dream, which included a DEA agent that looked like that guy from The Shield, A guy who didn’t talk but only rang a little bell a lot, a waif-like kid who said the B-word a lot. And, of course, all the meth cooking. At which point Lois reminds him that he can’t cook anything, and explains that it was probably those deep fried Twinkies.

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