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Wind down this arvo with a some stunning visuals and honest advice from someone who’s really lived it. Directed by Sebastien Zanella, this harrowing short film is as uplifting as it is a wake up call for some. Following Erik Ellington, the skateboarding legend talks on a highly personal level about his journey to sobriety. The LA boarder and founder of skate brand Deathwish has played a key role in the ’90s skateboarding revolution that was the product of “the decompression of a bored generation”.

The eight-minute film is littered with stunning shots of cityscapes and rooftops, and the 38-year-old skates through it all. He takes us into his own home, and speaks on the way he was not leading by example, but “Destroying by Example”. Watch the video in the gallery above for some refections of a serious boarding OG.

Weekly updates