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Weekly updates

And so Miley Cyrus has officially #twerked #twerking into the mainstream. Nothing screams dying fad louder than a panel of white middle-aged reporters discussing it on the 6 o’clock news. RIP twerking. We’ll remember you in our hearts forever, just like the Harlem Shake.

Watch the video above, die of secondhand embarrassment and pay your commemorations to the #twerk before it leaves pop culture forever. What will be culturally appropriated next?

Complete list of used twerk terms:
“Twerk it, twerk it.”
“Twerk, twerk!”
“Miley’s jaw-dropping twerk-a-thon.” (x2)
“Miley Cyrus’ tongue and twerk work.”
“Mother of all twerks.”
“Apparently this dance move is called the ‘twerk'”
“That’s a twerk?”
“Something called twerking.”
“I don’t even know what twerking is.”
“I don’t even know what twerking means.”
“Twerking – a term I just learnt today.”
“It’s basically pelvic thrusting.”
“Twerking by the way, is when you gyrate your lower extremities.”
“Can you show us how to twerk?”
“I like to live my life a twerk-free life.”
“I know how to twerk it.”
“Men do not twerk.”
“Let’s not twerk.”
“I’m a hard twerker.”
“And the twerking continued.”