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Everyone at university is warned about the future’s career climate. Usually some paraphrase of ‘the job you’re studying for doesn’t exist yet’ and that you might just have to make you’re own career. This is true in the case of writer Kate Shapiro, in the most trill way.

A PR agent with fashion journalism chops saw that the Denver Post was releasing The Cannabist, a publication specialising in Mary Jane and all her accoutrements, and pitched the idea of covering the site’s fashion needs. The idea was welcomed and she now holds the enviable title of ‘weed style writer’. Racked spoke to her about what her job entailed and this exchange sums it all up.

— “Do your editors assume you’re going to be stoned on the job? And is that okay?”
— “Yeah! And it is!”

Living. The. Dream. Her esteemed position has her writing on the intersection of weed and fashion, covering things like Sarah Silverman’s red carpet vape sesh and THC-infused orgasm sprays for women. She even does an interview series called Shop Sesh where she visits artists and designers in Denver and hits the yandi with them.

In the full piece she expounds on how she thinks that weed products just might just be sold in major malls within the next 10 years, and that the most surprising thing she’s learned about weed culture is the stigma still attached to it.

“People still aren’t completely okay with opening up as pot smokers, especially when I’m calling them for a story. Even though I know that they smoke, they aren’t comfortable sharing that with me as part of the media.”

ACCLAIM is all about bad behaviour, so although weed is yet to be legalised in Australia, maybe I can follow in Shapiro’s footsteps. How about a segment on the differing ganja qualities in Melbourne? Footscray versus Fitzroy? North side versus South side? Exclusive interviews with kingpins? Watch this space – I think I’m onto something.


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