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You know that moment when you’re at work and you’re talking to a customer, and his mate is just casually having his face licked by a prostitute who just used her hoo-ha to spread whipped cream on it? And you’re all just standing there and conversing like none of this is happening just 3 metres away? You’d think that stories like this came from the depths of some seedy brothels, but that’s not the case. As one of many people working in hotels across Australia, I’ve come to realise that hotels may as well just be brothels… in fact, hotels are kind of like the Room of Requirement. Everything and anything goes on behind those closed doors, drug use, sex work, porn, death and a range of other fucked up stuff that you don’t even wanna know about when you’re booking that exact room to sleep in (and being charged $200 a night to do so).

Apart from the occasional celebrity sightings, the perks of working in a hotel come in the form of gruesome or disturbing stories – a lot of dicks and a lot of sex. What is it about hotel rooms that gives people the incessant need to be naked at ALL TIMES? You wouldn’t flash your bits to the waiter at a restaurant, so please put some pants on (hell, even underpants will do). The secret antics of shameless hotel guests are now being revealed in a survey of over 1300 graduates of the Hotel School in Sydney.

Some of the strangest guest requests:

-One guest asked for packing tape. After they checked out, housekeeping found every single gap, joint, window, door seal and hole covered in tape. To top it off, the mattress was on the floor and TV in the bathroom.

-Upon finding out that Mel Gibson was staying at the same hotel, a guest requested the pillowcases from his room when he checked out.

-Another guest asked to buy the exact bed from his hotel room. Not a bed like it, but the same bed they had just slept on.

-A prominent NFL player asked that photos of his dog be framed and strategically placed in the hotel room prior to arrival (can’t really blame the guy).

Some of the weirdest stuff left in the rooms:

-Drugs in the room safe (again, can’t really blame them).

-False teeth also in the room safe.

-$500 left next to a bible.

Though this isn’t the first time shameful hotel guest activity has been reported. Reddit is a beacon of fucked up stories way worse than these, and I’ve seen countless threads on hotel stories. Like this and this and this. Have fun and pray for hotel workers ~prayer hands emoji~…

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