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Taking the concept of the burger joint to a whole new level, a Wendy’s store in Lovejoy, Atlanta gave customer Shalon Travis a blunt surprise when she found a half-smoked joint in her cheeseburger. #turnup

Unimpressed by the free extra, Travis called the police when she made the discovery at her home, claiming she could smell something odd before finding the joint resting on her pickles. After Travis was admitted to hospital for symptoms of food poisoning, Wendy’s quickly jumped into damage control by offering to help with the medical bills and offering her a $50 gift certificate – the latter of which she declined.

The guilty grill cook, Amy Seiber, admitted to ownership of the Marijuana joint when police arrived at the store. She has since been fired and arrested for possession of under an ounce of cannabis and is currently out on bail.

Side note: curious to know how Travis contracted food poisoning when the incriminating photos show an uneaten burger?

Mica Nantes

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