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Weekly updates

Even though this festive season is about spending time with your family IRL, it’s also the perfect opportunity for totally likeable Instagram (or other social media) posts. I mean, with all the food, gifts and specifically purchased holiday outfits there’s a lot to boast about this time of year and luckily, our favourite famous faces felt the same way.

Not to be outdone by our own pleb versions of Christmas festivities, the stars took to social media to share their touching holiday moments. Queen Bey thanked her fans, Drake posed with cute kids, Rihanna continued to be Badgal, R.Kelly spruiked Black Panties. Even Yeezus managed an almost smile for wifey’s photobooth, while DJ Khaled….worked out?

So whether you’re still nursing that food baby, soaking your feet after some intense post-Christmas shopping or already back on the grind, revisit that warm holiday feeling with some of our favourite celeb holiday moments in the gallery above. And to top it all off, here’s Action Bronson serenading us, mid food coma – or something else.