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Ashley Huff, 23, was probably the laughing stock of Hall County Jail in Florida when she told cellmates that she was arrested for eating SpaghettiOs which the police mistook for crystal meth.

It all started when Huff and three others were cruising the streets of Gainesville after visiting a friend and local spaghetti dealer who kindly gave her a can and spoon for the road. She threw the can in the trash but kept the spoon to return to her generous friend. This would prove in the end to be a huge mistake.

Later on, when police pulled her vehicle over for a tail-light infringement, the Gainseville Times reports that the officer “received consent to search Huff’s 1994 Ford Explorer, and searched a bag with the name ‘Ashley’ printed on it.” The officer described Huff, a passenger, as ‘nervous,’ noting sores on her face, arms and legs. Inside the bag was a spoon with a ‘clear, crystal-like substance’.”

Huff disputed this claim, explaining to the officer that it was spaghetti sauce, but according to the officer he “tested the spoon with a field test kit, and the crystal-like substance on the spoon showed a positive indication for methamphetamine.”

Huff was arrested and jailed, but later released when lab tests concluded that her only vice is one served best on toast. “Well, nutritionally, the meth might be better…” thinks Dynoi (reddit).

So basically there are two possible explanations as to what went wrong here. Either: the officer used gut instinct and skipped the test, or a can of SpaghettiOs is very similar – on a chemical level – to methamphetamine. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised.


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