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What do you take when you have 10 minutes to save whatever precious mementos you have before your house is engulfed in a ‘once in 1000 year storm’? Your jewellery? Photo albums? Computer?

Those items did not even cross the mind of South Carolina resident Angela Williams who headed straight for her refrigerator to grab two ‘Totino’s’ pizzas and her dog, of course. The freak downpour has already killed three people and displaced hundreds of others, with parts of the state being hit with more than 60cms of rain in the past 24 hours. “It gushed in like the ocean was coming in the house” Williams explained to a reporter from WIS-TV. “I didn’t grab nothing but two Totino’s pizzas out of the (refrigerator) and my doggy, and we left. That’s it. I tried to grab some other things, but it wasn’t even worth it.”

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