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YouTube loves a good prank whenever April 1 rolls around and this year’s might top them all. The gag is the new ‘add music’ button in the YouTube navigation pane which allows you to add a sample from Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ to any of your favourite videos. I feel that it is best used to punctuate someone speaking, try it on this video of Neil deGrasse Tyson (Just remember you have to open these videos in a new window for the ‘add music’ button to appear).

It also has other uses, like improving your favourite party jam.

You can also get meta and ‘add music’ to Sandstorm.

Considering the feature will probably be removed soon, here is some guy called Reece talking about it for posterity.

As is the way with youtube, the button has also led to a number of ‘sandception’ videos which are just people taking videos of themselves pressing the button over videos of other people doing it. YouTube will even ask you “Did you mean: Darude – Sandstorm by Darude” when you search for any song.

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