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The A$AP Mob runs deep and while you’re probably familiar with some of its larger-than-life members, there’s a whole crew behind the scenes that makes the Mob run smoothly. One such character is A$AP Lou (FKA A$AP Lou Banga). Never heard of him? Yeah, me neither. However, he might just become your new favourite A$AP member once you get to know him. Lou was tasked with doing a Reddit AMA ahead of the much anticipated Yams Day concert, in honour of the late A$AP founder.

From just being an A$AP superfan, to being pulled up on stage during a New York concert, to representing the whole team URL, I’m sure there are more than a few dudes out there who wish they were in Lou’s position. Part depressing, part hear-warming, Lou’s query list was short and often had nothing to do with him at all, but he probably didn’t care too much, seeing as his devotion to the group saw him inducted into the inner circle of one of the most recognisable hip-hop collectives in the world today. Get to know Lou a little better in the gallery above and see the full AMA thread here.

And don’t forget you’ll be able to catch Lou Banga, and the rest of the Mob, IRL in Australia next month.

Weekly updates