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64 Questions: Unamii

Red Bull continue their fifth season of 64 Bars. Unamii is next up, we hit her with 64 questions to accompany her ice cold freestyle..

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With Red Bull Australia connecting with some of the most promising spitters in the country on their infamous 64 Bars freestyle series, we’re diving deep and getting to know the rappers behind the bars even better — Myspace quiz-style! Next up in the series is Queensland spitter and first lady of Swish Music collective Unamii, whose killer flow and clean wordplay are setting her apart from the pack

After her killer freestyle video, we’re going to find out what Unamii likes/dislikes, her top 5 rappers, what she does in her and what he gets up to in his downtime as well as the age-old question: Mullets or Rats Tails?

    1. Last thing you drank? My favourite drink is organic pomegranate cranberry juice. 
    2. Last person you spoke to on the phone? The last phone call I had was a FaceTime with all my younger cousins 
    3. Last song you listened to? Amaria BB – Slow Motion. It’s been on repeat for 2 weeks now 
    4. Do you have any pets? I have no pets and that’s because I have a crippling fear of dogs! 
    5. What time did you wake up today? 8:40 am 
    6. Aside from your artist name, did you have any other nicknames growing up? I’ve had lots growing up but I think the top 3 I have heard are Mimi, Tsunami and Nami. 
    7. Who is your celebrity crush? It wouldn’t be a crush if everybody knew now would it!
    8. What sports did you play as a kid? I played over six sports growing up but the ones I was best at were tennis, netball and rugby 7’s. 
    9. Do you type fast? Super fast. I’m always typing away on something 
    10. What are your plans for this weekend? Celebrate and watch 64 Bars with my close friends followed by a lot of fun in Brisbane. 
    11. What are you craving right now? Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet
    12. Did you have a dream last night? Surprisingly I didn’t. I was extremely tired 
    13. All-time favourite Video Game/Series I never got into video games, but Tamagotchi’s in the early 2000s were probably my top 2 digital series. 
    14. Do you watch the news? No, I don’t watch TV, I’m more into reading news articles online
    15. What makes you happy? Spending time with my loved ones and travelling! Put me on a flight and I’m one happy girl!
    16. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? Showtime (Swish Music) We spent hours just talking about life, conspiracies and spirituality. 
    17. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, right before my tennis finals I fractured my wrist during training. 
    18. Do you ever go down a Youtube rabbit hole? What are some things you look at? Always, in fact, I only go on YouTube on off days because of this. I’m always looking at something to answer a small question I had in-depth. I also watch vice videos, scientific events being explained from different angles and points of views, or my all-time favourite – cooking videos! 
    19. Do you remember the first concert you went to? Yesss. My sister and I went to a Drake concert and still to this day it was something I will never forget. 
    20. Did you ever have your wisdom teeth taken out? No, I haven’t. Mine are still growing unfortunately  
    21. Have you ever met someone famous and felt star struck? No, I haven’t felt start struck yet. I kind of look at everyone as just people no matter how successful they are.
    22. What’s the best thing you have ever found on the ground? A collection of Geronimo Stilton books. The nostalgia was unreal 
    23. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? I love both genres but I have to go with Fantasy on this. 
    24. What’s your favourite scent? I love any scents with notes of amber, tuberose and jasmine.
    25. Do you hoard stuff or get rid of it? I am an extreme hoarder when it comes to clothes, my closet is proof. 
    26. What is your most prized possession? My most prized possession would be my education and intelligence.  
    27. How many countries have you been to and which ones? Including Australia, I’ve been to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Samoa, South Africa, Thailand, Zimbabwe and Botswana. 
    28. Where would you like to travel that you haven’t been? I’d definitely like to travel to Jamaica, Tulum in Mexico and Tokyo 
    29. What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid? My Wife and Kids.
    30. What is your favourite spot to eat at and what’s your go-to order? 5 Boroughs in Ascot or Paddington. I usually get mac & cheese croquettes with calamari for starters, followed by Stonewood snapper with a long island iced tea. 
    31. Do you eat breakfast every morning? I do not eat breakfast every morning, but I do have a seamoss and fruit drink every morning. 
    32. What are your favourite sneakers of all time? Jordan 4’s. So many dope variations to choose from 
    33. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? 21 pairs but I always rotate the same four 
    34. What is one food that you used to hate but now you love? Avocado
    35. Do you have any weird phobias? Trypophobia, open small holes make me highly uncomfortable
    36. What gets you mad? Dishonesty 
    37. What’s your weirdest habit? I count 11 chews in my head before I swallow for every bite that I take
    38. Favourite rapper in Australia right now? It would have to be between Banksy or everybody in Swish Music. Their unreleased is on constant rotation. 
    39. Favourite producer you’ve worked with? Ezra James. His work ethic and the atmosphere he creates in the studio is unmatched. 
    40. Three international artists on your rotation lately? Nba Youngboy, G Herbo, Lil Gotit 
    41. Top 5 favourite rappers of all time? Lil Wayne, Young Dolph, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross 
    42. Favourite producer of all time? Wheezy 
    43. What’s one artist you listen to that people wouldn’t expect? Paramore – rock was my favourite genre growing up. 
    44. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to direct it? Martin Scorsese co-directed by 50 cent 
    45. And who would play you? Now that I do not know. I would love to see who would end up playing me though!
    46. What’s one of your favourite lyrics you’ve written? I don’t have a favourite lyric. Once I record something I move on to the next song and that becomes my favourite at that moment in time
    47. What about from someone else? Name a bar that you’ll never forget. Any Lil Wayne bar. I know and love his whole catalogue 
    48. What is one fashion trend you can’t stand? Cropped cardigans
    49. What’s your favourite animal? Baby goats 
    50. What is one account everyone should follow on social media? @moribyan on TikTok I love her food videos
    51. What’s a TV show you’ve binged in the last year or two? Game of Thrones 
    52. What’s your favourite snack? A South African snack Chilli  Biltong
    53. Favourite Pixar movie? Ratatouille 
    54. Who is the GOAT superhero? Mystique 
    55. Favourite album cover? Lil Kim – The Notorious K.I.M
    56. Do you like rollercoasters? I go through phases when I do and don’t. I have a big fear of heights. 
    57. Favourite professional athlete? Serena Williams 
    58. Favourite childhood memory? Any memory with my sister in it. We really had the best childhood anybody could have asked for.  
    59. Mullets or Rats Tails? Mullets 
    60. One thing you can’t live without? My family 
    61. Summer or Winter? Winter always!!
    62. Drake or Kanye? Drake, he is GOATED
    63. Drill or Trap? Trap 
    64. Lyrics or Flow? Flow, nobody listening to your lyrics if the flow is whack. 

Follow Unamii here for more and check out her 64 Bars freestyle above.
Photography: James Adams

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