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We posted on the discussion and outrage surrounding Rick Ross’ drug-rape line late last week, which has seen many people come forward with disapproval of the rapper and his trivialization of rape, including rapper Talib Kweli. Well, despite his apology (of sorts) it seems the furor is not subsiding. More people are angry, 72,000 of them to be specific.

Last week protesters from the National Organization for Women and another activist group took to Reebok’s flagship store in NYC in an attempt to deliver a petition, signed by over 72,000 people. Reebok has used Ross as the face of the Reebok Classics range for some time, the recent petition requests that Reebok drop his endorsement contract off the basis of the lyric that many argue describes drugging a woman and raping her.

Beyond the obvious issue at hand, the scenario is a text book case study on what can happen when a big corporate brand attaches their name to a polarizing ‘street-relevant’ figure who is marked by being provocative. How they move forward with damage control will be interesting to see. The brand’s security guards stopped delivery of the petition and Reebok has made no comment on the issue at this point.