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Weekly updates

Melbourne’s The Harpoons have a knack for putting out top-shelf music with a disgusting degree of ease. Latest single ‘Unforgettable’ is no exception, marrying silky melodies with a percussive snap. Be the first to hear this remix of ‘Unforgettable’, where Melbourne avant-beat duo Ƒriendships throw a pipe bomb into the pristine sonic space of the original. In the glorious wreckage: glitchy vocal fragments, screwed and chopped passages, filthy synths, thunderous percussion and, of course, that undeniable hook. Listen below. If you’re in Melbourne, be sure to catch The Harpoons launching ‘Unforgettable’ in June. The Harpoons ‘Unforgettable’ single launch Thursday June 5 SHEBEEN 36 Manchester Lane, Melbourne Doors at 7.30 pm

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