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In case you’re not already aware of them, RaRa are a four-piece group doing Australian hip-hop right. They’ve achieved this by having relatable lyrics that aren’t focused on mimicking American hip-hop’s trends or imagery as well as earning notoriety for pumping out hella energised live performances. Their love for sludgy sounding hip-hop and experimental electronic musicians definitely shone through on their Pink and Teal EP and that passion has been gilded and hung around RaRa’s collective neck on a Cuban link chain with their latest offering ‘0H5H1T_4L13N5’.

From the opening few seconds, the track is a banger. My choice moment is the audible smirk on “I can’t dream / I can’t even sleep / I’m a fucking beast” but the hook itself is a close contender with the only painful moment in the whole song being how quickly it concludes.

Listen to it below and if you dig it (you better), download it here.

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