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Weekly updates

Spring has sprung, and the hyperallergic among us have started their annual season of personal misery. But, Melbourne’s own Swick recorded this exclusive mix for us to make you feel a little better. Shut your windows, seal your doors, and take refuge with our Hayfever mix.

And check out our quick chat with Swick:

My name is… Swick.

My mix is called… Hayfever.

I recommend people listen to it while they… You can listen to it anytime really – maybe best for when you are driving or about to go out. Actually, no just anytime really.

My favourite song on it is… Sophie – Bipp.

My favourite TV show is… Breaking Bad, obviously.

The last movie I watched was… The Family – the new Robert De Niro movie.

The last album I bought was… The last album that I actually went to the store and bought was probably Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… I probably wouldn’t be doing anything if I wasn’t making music.

I’m addicted to… FIFA ’14.

The best thing about touring is… seeing new cities and meeting new people.

The worst thing is… Being alone.

The most important thing on my rider is… Eclipse Mints.

My hangover cure is… Fish and chips and a large Slurpee. I’m never really hungover though.

My fave youtube vid is… That’s tough at the moment it’s probably this:

My computer’s wallpaper is… M.I.A.

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