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Weekly updates

I know this tape came out over a week ago now but I really had to sit on this one for a while for it to really sink in, the reason is because Chance the Rapper is different to every other artist in the game right now. A first listen his erratic rhyme schemes (like stretching syllables before quick blasts of double time leading into song) kinda threw me off because of my recent diet of Rozay and Guwop Gucci Mane didn’t give me much room for lyrical variation but his immaculate beat selection kept me coming back to the tape. Now I can’t stop listening to the damn thing, Chance has got me hook, line and sinker with his own blend of trippy rap.

The stand out tracks for me would be the Vic Mensa (of Kids These Days) and Twista assisted Cocoa Butter Kisses that sees the three reminisce on simpler times before the weed and groupies and Pusha Man, a reference to Curtis Mayfield’s ode to Priest that leads into the hidden track Paranoia produced by one of the most exciting producers releasing music right now, Nosaj Thing. Paranoia is a nice hidden treat as Nosaj Thing doesn’t usually work with rappers but his celestial style blends perfectly with Chance’s acid-washed raps. You can watch a video of Nosaj Thing describing the process here.

With all eyes on Chicago right now with summer coming up, the media are focused on the city’s record of summertime violence and it’s good to see Chance representing the kid who isn’t about that Chief Keef life. Download the mixtape here, for returning fans who picked up the #10 Day release Acid Rap is evidence that Chance is developing into a rapper that demands attention in 2013 and for newcomers, well….what are you waiting for?