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On Twitter today, renowned Californian producer Alchemist revealed that he’s released a collaborative project with Earl Sweatshirt—we just haven’t found it yet. Alchemist explained that the project is somewhere on Youtube under a different name, and challenged fans to find it.

Earl Sweatshirt and Alchemist have collaborated several times in the past on fan favourites like ’45’, ‘Wind In My Sails’ and ‘E.Coli’—the latter appeared on Alchemist’s 2018 EP BREAD. On Danny Brown’s ‘Really Doe’ Earl even spit “I keep it dirty as the spliff my Uncle Alchemist puff.”

If this project gets unearthed, Earl fans will be treated to a lot more music than they’re used to. His first full body of work in three years (2018’s Some Rap Songs) only ran for 25 minutes. Head over to Alchemist’s twitter now to read more from his impromptu Q&A session, and stream his most recent collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt ‘E. Coli’ below.


Weekly updates