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Alice Ivy and Cadence Weapon Chop It Up

Fresh off the back of their new collaboration, the Melbourne producer and Canadian rapper dig a little deeper.

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Melbourne based producer Alice Ivy has returned to showcase a new tune, which provides a glimpse into her growth as a producer. This time, she’s teamed up with Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon, who effortlessly flows as Alice eases herself further into the producer’s seat, letting her feature artists shine bright. Noticing the chemistry between the two artists, we decided to take a step back and allow them to ask the questions this time.

Alice Ivy: If you were to drop ‘Sunrise’ in a DJ Set where would you put it?
Cadence Weapon: I think it would be equally good as an early set track or as an epic closer.

Alice Ivy: Have you ever met Drake/what is the closest you’ve ever been to him?
Cadence Weapon: I haven’t met him but we’ve been in the same building at least once.

Alice Ivy: What is your favourite thing about Australians?
Cadence Weapon: Their curiosity about the world! Based on the people I’ve met, Australians seem to have a passion for discovery. I’ve met several musicians and documentarians from there—there’s just this interest in the world that I’ve noticed. They also really love to party.

Alice Ivy: What is your favourite memory of standing on a rooftop?
Cadence Weapon: Last fall I played the 10 year anniversary party for Arbutus Records in Montreal and my set was at 5 AM. After the show, we went back to the label headquarters and hung out on the roof playing tracks out of a monitor speaker and watched the sun come up. It used to be a more common thing but since I’ve moved to Toronto, those experiences don’t happen as often.

Alice Ivy: Who is the best rapper of all time, in your opinion?
Cadence Weapon: Best rapper of all time is a tough question but lately I’ve been leaning towards Jay-Z. The sheer density of his lyrics has me noticing new turns of phrase and wordplay from him in old songs while listening many years later. He’s more of a rap nerd than people give him credit for.

Cadence Weapon: What inspired you when you were producing ‘Sunrise’?
Alice Ivy: It was the middle of the Australian winter and I was prepping heaps of stuff for this upcoming writing trip. Melbourne can get pretty miserable during winter—defs not as a bad as Toronto though—so I wanted to make something that made me feel like I was living in the ultimate summer moment.

Cadence Weapon: It was really fun working in the studio with you, Alice! How important is having fun to your recording process?Alice Ivy: Sick! Man we had such a good time in that session. It’s the best feeling when you really connect with the other people in a session and you get super excited about the song you’re writing. I usually jump around the room and get super into it. It’s really important to really enjoy the whole process and have the time to really live in the moment, which makes it super fun!

Cadence Weapon: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada?
Alice Ivy: I honestly just think of all of the good food I ate last time I was in Toronto. :)

Cadence Weapon: When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Sunrise’, the beat made me picture Los Angeles and how it made me feel when I’d go to record there. Do you find LA inspiring?
Alice Ivy: Totally! I have spent a bit of time in LA now and every time I go back the harder I find it to leave. It’s an incredible place that can make you feel like you are really living in a dream. I love it and I love the people I have been so blessed to work with over there too, incredibly inspiring!

Cadence Weapon: What have you been listening to lately?
Alice Ivy: I’ve been listening to heaps of Clairo, Brockhampton, and a bit of old school M.I.A and Santigold.

Check out Alice Ivy and Cadence Weapon’s new track ‘Sunrise’ below and head here for her upcoming tour dates.

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